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Lindsay French

Customer Comments: I went to this Petland yesterday for the first time and am now a lifelong customer. Their fish guy, Ron, was a huge help and super acknowledgable about all things aquarium. You can tell they care and aren’t just in it for the $$.

Michael Coutinho

Customer Comments: Friendly staff, great fish selection, and very clean! I stop by here for all my fish and aquarium needs.

Chris J. Fry

Customer Comments: They have what I need, including specialty food, and I love the local feel of the place. Plus the animals are rescues. :-)

Kobe Zillah

Customer Comments: Ron is the man!!! His selection in aquatic species is phonenomenal!! His knowledge and know how is uber informative, for those who seek insight or education whether your the fresh or salt water enthusiasts; this guy is the foundation!!!

Famous Zach Sixteen

Customer Comments: Great people who treat the animals like they should be, and most of the prices are cheaper than chain stores. I like that its a smaller sort of mom and pop shop.

Cate Hatridge

Customer Comments: Great grooming service here. Prompt, listened to what we needed done and followed through. We now have one smart-looking pup.

Elaine Houston

Customer Comments: Great selection of aquarium supplies and fish not available elsewhere. Knowledgeable, helpful staff. Know me and my service dog by name. Staff goes the extra mile.

Kim Sass

Customer Comments: They keep their fish tanks really clean and the fish are very happy with nicely designed tanks! One of the best pet stores that take care of fish I've ever seen.

Holly Gallagher

Customer Comments: The workers here are very friendly and helpful. They have a great knowledge of the animals they have and seem to geniunly enjoy them. I was glad to see that the dogs they have here are from an animal shelter instead of a puppy mill. If we decide to add to our family. This is where we will come.