Whether you have an existing aquarium full of tropical fish or you are looking to add a completely new saltwater tank to your home, we are your source for not just fish, but also a variety of coral.

Affordable Coral & Supplies

Coral can get expensive. We offer a variety of species and sizes to ensure you can find coral to fit your budget.

We don’t just sell coral, either — we have the supplies you’ll need as a coral owner, including tanks, salt, filters, lights, food, and more.

Get Tips on Coral Care

In addition to helping you find the coral and supplies that fit your needs, our Pet Counselors also provide information on coral care. These unique animals require specific lighting conditions, temperatures, and water chemistry to survive and thrive.

Also, since different species of coral interact with each other in different ways, our Counselors can provide the information you need to select the right types of coral that will coexist well. With expert advice from our staff, you’ll ensure the health of your coral and the right balance in your tank.

For more information on Pittsburgh coral selection, call 412-363-7387 today or send us a message below!